Folding Cartons

At Deluxe Packaging, we’ve provided high-quality packaging solutions to customers in a wide range of industries for nearly 40 years. We offer a broad selection of standard and custom packaging products, including, but not limited to, folding cartons.

Types of Folding Cartons Made By Deluxe Packaging

Depending on what our customers need, we offer several types of folding cartons for various applications. Our folding cartons packaging products include:

  • Straight tuck boxes — The name for these boxes comes from the fact that the top and bottom closure flaps are on the same side of the carton and fold front to back in the same direction. The closures have slits at the ends to secure them to the box. Companies may use these boxes for packaging lightweight and medium-weight products, from essential oils to cosmetics.
  • Reverse tuck boxes — The design of these boxes is similar to that of straight tuck boxes, but reverse tuck boxes have the top and bottom flaps on opposite sides, folding in opposite directions. Many types of light- to medium-weight products use this packaging.
  • Auto-lock bottom boxes — These boxes have a bottom that allows for automatic locking when assembling the carton. With a basic tuck top flap for easy opening, this particular folding carton design is ideal for heavy items, as the locking bottom provides plenty of support. They’re suitable for many applications, including beverage containers, cosmetics, and more.
  • 1-2-3 bottom boxes — This folding carton design involves three steps for assembly, where each bottom flap locks onto the other. Also called lock bottom or snap bottom boxes, 1-2-3 bottom boxes are easy to assemble quickly and offer a similar level of support as auto-lock bottom boxes. Products that use these folding cartons may include candles, beverage containers, and electronics.
  • Sleeve packaging — Sleeve packaging goes over another box and often adds visual appeal to undecorated packaging. It also lends more support for underlying packaging and more space for branding or product information.
  • Two-piece boxes — These boxes come in two separate pieces comprising a lid on top and a tray on the bottom. Two-piece box packaging is often used for high-end clothing, candy, and jewelry. Additional inserts can secure multiple products in a single box.
  • Custom boxes — Some products and brands may benefit from custom folding carton packaging. They can be customized with a unique look and custom inserts to help with branding and protecting your products. You can add custom cutouts to draw customers’ eyes to certain aspects of your items. As a custom folding carton manufacturer, Deluxe Packaging can manufacture custom carton designs based on your unique requirements.

Use Cases for Folding Cartons

There are many use cases for folding cartons, including protection and display purposes. The following are some of the many applications for folding cartons by Deluxe Packaging: 

  • Custom counter displays — Brands or retailers may use custom counter display boxes for packaging products or putting them on display. Open cartons function as promotional display packaging while closed boxes protect and secure items. 
  • Perfume/cologne packaging — Folding cartons provide appealing and functional packaging for perfume and cologne products.
  • Food packaging — Auto-lock bottom boxes and straight tuck boxes often package and display food items, such as pasta and rice.
  • Hygiene product packaging — Folding cartons package and display soaps, shampoos, sanitizers, deodorants, and other hygiene products.
  • Medication and pharmaceutical packaging — Medications and pharmaceuticals use folding carton packaging for protecting the products within.

Deluxe Packaging: Your Expert and Partner for Premium Folding Cartons

Deluxe Packaging has served as a leading provider of premium packaging products, including corrugated boxes, folding cartons, bags, and more, since 1982. This extensive packaging design and manufacturing experience, combined with our customer-first approach, enables us to meet virtually any packaging need. No matter your application or industry, our team will develop and deliver an excellent packaging solution for your product(s).

Whether you require custom folding cartons, setup boxes with foam inserts, or counter displays, we’ve got you covered. We can tailor your packaging solution to your exact aesthetic requirements, ensuring you portray the right product and brand message to consumers. If you have an existing logo, we can print, hot/foil stamp, or emboss it. If you don’t have one, our graphic design team can assist you in creating one. Let us help you showcase your product and highlight your brand!

For more information on our packaging products and services, contact us today. To get started on your custom packaging project, submit a quote request.