Honeycomb Packaging

Honeycomb Packaging

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Honeycomb packaging is a very strong, lightweight packaging option that offers high levels of protection to ensure safe transport and minimal product damage. This paper-based packaging option is produced by joining individual bands of paper in a series of continuous hexagonal cells. Depending on your particular needs, it can be die-cut, assembled, or otherwise fabricated to fit the specific shape of your product. 

At Deluxe Packaging, we offer a range of custom honeycomb packaging solutions to suit our customers’ requirements. With superior compression strength, shock resistance, cushioning performance, and various other benefits, honeycomb packaging is ideal for numerous applications.

Types of Honeycomb Packaging

There are several types of honeycomb packaging available. Depending on your application, various paper combinations and cell sizes can be used to achieve the desired strength. Honeycomb packaging solutions can also be customized to fit your size needs.

The types of honeycomb packaging include:

Reverse Slit Score/Single Slit Score

Reverse slit score honeycomb is created by cutting through the core and one facing paper as well as an opposite facing paper in another location to make a folding fan effect. Single slit score is made the same way; however, the other facing paper is left intact to create a folding hinge effect.

Cookie Cut

This type of honeycomb is made by cutting a slit in a portion of the core as well as both facing papers. This leaves the panel held together only by the uncut part of the core. Cookie cut honeycomb allows for easy packaging and handling, as each piece can be gently pulled apart as needed


Die-cut honeycomb involves cutting holes through the material in the desired thickness or shape. This type of honeycomb packaging is ideal for bulk packaging or as inner packaging to surround an object.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

This type of honeycomb is produced with an adhesive applied to one side of a panel. A strip of release paper covers the adhesive, which can be removed by the end-user for use as inner packaging or pallet block supports.

Flat Panels

Honeycomb flat panels feature hexagonal cells between durable layers of paper. This type of honeycomb packaging can be customized to meet your size and strength requirements.


Honeycomb pallets can withstand large amounts of weight and offer a recyclable alternative to plastic or wood pallets. 

Benefits of Using Honeycomb Packaging

Honeycomb packaging offers a wide range of benefits that make it an ideal packaging option. One of its biggest advantages is that it can serve as a suitable alternative to other packaging materials, such as wood and plastic.

Other benefits include:

  • Lightweight. Honeycomb packaging is very lightweight, yet its unique structure makes it stronger than steel. Its low weight helps in decreasing shipping costs while also increasing packing and loading speeds.
  • Cost-effective. Along with lower shipping costs, honeycomb packaging also has lower manufacturing costs. Since honeycomb production requires less material than alternative packaging options, it is cheaper to manufacture.
  • High strength. Honeycomb packaging is an extremely strong material that cannot be compressed easily.
  • Eco-friendly/recyclable. It is 100% recyclable, making it a more environmentally friendly packaging option.
  • Minimized vibration. The cushioning capability of honeycomb packaging minimizes vibration during transit for optimal protection of your product.
  • Total coverage. Honeycomb packaging features complete top-deck coverage. This means there are no open areas for materials or products to fall through.

Honeycomb Packaging Applications

The many benefits of honeycomb packaging make it a desirable option for a range of packaging uses and applications. This cost-effective, rugged, and customizable material can be used for a variety of protective packaging solutions, including

  • Pallets
  • Packaging filler
  • Inner product protection
  • Transportation dunnage

Honeycomb Packaging from Deluxe Packaging

Honeycomb packaging is a strong, lightweight alternative to other packaging materials. At Deluxe Packaging, we have offered custom packaging products since 1982. We strive to provide the most cost-effective solution for your needs while providing top-notch customer service. Our experienced design team can work with you to create custom honeycomb packaging to meet your exact specifications. For more information about our honeycomb packaging solutions, contact the experts at Deluxe Packaging or request a quote today.