PoP Displays (Point of Purchase Displays)

pop displays

Point of purchase (PoP) displays are valuable marketing tools for highlighting specific products in a store. These displays exist separately from traditional aisle shelving, allowing the product to stand out among competing products. They differ from point of sale (PoS) displays in that they strategically place the product throughout the store rather than limiting it to the store’s checkout area. By attracting the shopper’s attention as they navigate the store, PoP displays significantly increase the probability of the customer making a purchase.

PoP displays are categorized into three main types:

  • Temporary: Made from inexpensive materials, temporary PoP displays are typically used for flash sales or seasonal promotions.
  • Semi-permanent: Semi-permanent PoP displays are made from sturdier materials such as glass, heavy-duty cardboard, and acrylic.  Designed to last 3-12 months, these displays are commonly used for confectionery or cosmetic products. 
  • Permanent: Mostly used by larger, more established brands, permanent PoP displays are high-quality structures built to last several years. 

At Deluxe Packaging, we specialize in creating custom floor, counter, and power wing PoP displays aimed at increasing in-store brand awareness and boosting sales. 

Floor PoP DisplaysFloor PoP Displays

Designed as freestanding fixtures, PoP floor displays advertise the product while providing space for eye-catching graphics and key brand information. These displays are usually multi-tiered and can be stationary or mobile depending on the display requirements. When choosing or designing a floor display, it is important to be aware of the type of product being advertised and the environment in which it will be displayed. Specific considerations include:

  • Number of items being displayed
  • Height limitations
  • Retailer style and structural guidelines

Floor displays can be made from a range of materials depending on whether they are intended for temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent use. Multiple materials can also be combined or layered in a single display to provide a unique textured appearance. Common material options include:

  • Corrugate/cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Metal

Benefits of Floor PoP Displays

The benefits of using floor displays to advertise a product include:

  • Versatile and visually appealing: With a wide range of sizing, material, and color options available, floor displays can be customized to capture the shopper’s attention while creating the brand’s desired aesthetic. 
  • Affordable and lightweight: Floor displays are typically made from lightweight, inexpensive materials, allowing them to be conveniently relocated to different areas on the retail floor as needed. They can also be transferred from venue to venue for special events.
  • Small footprint: With their excellent use of vertical space, floor displays can be designed to hold several items while occupying minimal floor space.
  • Flexible placement options: As a freestanding unit, a floor display’s placement options are not dependent on-shelf availability or counter space.
  • Increased sales: From bringing attention to a new product to boosting the sales of an existing one, floor displays greatly increase the odds of your product being noticed and purchased. Their strategic placement within the store also helps encourage impulse purchasing.

Applications of Floor PoP Displays

Used in everything from grocery and convenience stores to specialty retail shops, PoP floor displays are an ideal fit for numerous products and applications. Examples include:

  • Highlighting new or seasonal items
  • Displaying light-duty products such as brochures, supplements, and snacks
  • Displaying heavier-duty products such as tools and hardware
  • Increasing product visibility in high-traffic areas

Counter PoP Displays

Custom counter display

Ideal for smaller products, PoP counter displays are designed to sit on flat surfaces such as checkout counters or store kiosks. This allows products to be displayed in some of the most highly visible, easy-to-access areas in the store. Since a store’s counter space is somewhat limited and often crowded, it is especially important to use eye-catching graphics, contrasting colors, and quality materials to maximize the effectiveness of your display. This can be achieved by using unique designs, multi-layered materials, bright accents, and attention-grabbing headers.

Counter displays can be constructed from several materials, including:

  • Corrugate/cardboard
  • Acrylic
  • PVC
  • Sheet metal
  • Wood

Benefits of Counter PoP Displays

The benefits of choosing a counter display for your product include:

  • Convenience: Compared with other display types, counter displays are the most compact, lightweight, and easy-to-install option. Their smaller size allows them to be quickly and easily transferred from one space or location to another.
  • Versatility: Counter displays are incredibly versatile and can be designed to serve several functions while occupying minimal space. Depending on space availability or product sorting preferences, multi-level or multi-compartment designs can also be utilized.
  • Informative: Customized headers and tabs can be integrated with the display’s main structure to promote the brand or convey key product information such as ingredients or instructions for use.
  • Low Cost: With their small, compact design, counter displays are relatively fast, easy, and inexpensive to manufacture.

Applications for Counter PoP Displays

Displaying snacks, jewelry, and other small items in grocery, convenience, or retail stores. The versatility and convenience of counter displays make them ideal for many applications, especially those with space limitations. This type of display is also one of the best options for quickly engaging the customer and enticing them to make last-minute, add-on purchases. A few of the most common applications include:

  • Advertising health, beauty, and personal care items
  • Promoting electronic products such as cell phones or cameras
  • Displaying pictures or brochures in offices and waiting rooms

Power Wing PoP Displays

Also known as sidekick displays, power wing displays are designed to be attached to shelves or hung from the sides of endcaps using clips, adhesives, or wires. This type of display is generally placed in a store’s most highly trafficked areas, including checkout points and popular aisles. This makes it especially important to use durable, rigid materials that can withstand constant handling and resist wear and tear.

Most power wing displays are made from thick, durable cardboard materials, and their design often includes multiple shelves or hooks for optimal product arrangement. To increase product visibility, the display’s side panels typically feature cut-outs or arc shapes. Brand logos and relevant product information can be printed on the display’s header or side panels.

Benefits of Power Wing PoP Displays

Power wing displays offer several unique benefits, including:

  • Great space utilization: Power wing displays attach to existing shelving or fixtures, making them highly effective at attracting attention to a product in busy areas where space is limited.
  • Increased brand visibility: Typically placed in high-traffic locations at eye level, power wing displays are an effective strategy for encouraging impulse purchases and promoting brand awareness.
  • Customizable: Power wing displays can be built in a range of shapes and sizes depending on the product type and the number of items being displayed. Designs can also include a temporary base, allowing to display to be used as a floor stand if needed.

Applications for Power Wing PoP Displays

Power wing displays are a convenient, affordable, and space-efficient way to advertise products everywhere from retail spaces to grocery and convenience stores. This makes them ideal for:

  • Drawing attention to new products or sales
  • Quickly clearing out excess inventory
  • Promoting impulse purchasing

PoP Displays from Deluxe Packaging

A well-designed PoP display allows companies to attract attention to their brand and product while highlighting the product’s unique features and benefits. With the right design, graphics, and messaging, these displays can significantly increase a product’s visibility in some of the most saturated retail environments.

At Deluxe Packaging, we understand the importance of PoP displays for enhancing brand recognition and increasing sales. Our design team works with customers from several industries to create floor, counter, and power wing display solutions that facilitate a more personalized and memorable purchasing experience for the customer. From graphic design services to offset lithography printing, we have the capabilities to create unique and powerful advertising solutions for nearly any application or environment.