Contract Packaging Services

When outsourcing important manufacturing processes to a contractor, it is vital to sign a fulfillment services contract so that both parties have a clear understanding of the project’s goals. This is particularly true in the case of contract packaging, which is when a manufacturer contracts a company to put their products into their final finished packaging. This involves producing the packaging, assembling the product, and sometimes even storing and distributing the packaged product. 

Contract packaging is ideal for companies that don’t have the time, resources, or facilities to package their own products. Contract packaging companies have the equipment and experience to manage the packaging supply chain and create a cost-effective and attractive packaging system. 

At Deluxe Manufacturing, we offer the following contract manufacturing services:

  • Package design
  • Package/display assembly
  • Shipping/distribution

Custom Package Design

Packaging must fulfill both functional and aesthetic roles, improving brand recognition while protecting the product inside. As such, expert design is crucial. At Deluxe Packaging, we can create effective packaging designs that offer the following:

Gives a Strong First Impression

Consumers are unlikely to gravitate toward products with bland packaging. When many similar products are available, eye-catching packaging can often mean the difference between a customer purchasing a product or ignoring it.

Projects Brand Identity

Building a strong brand identity makes it much easier to attract and retain customers, as they can connect with the story of your brand. Custom packaging can display easily identifiable logos, fonts, and even colors that customers will immediately be able to associate with a specific brand, thus improving brand recognition.

Effectively Communicates Information

Good packaging isn’t just attractive, it is also an indispensable method of communicating information about the product directly to the customer. The design should be able to convey details about the manufacturer, the intended usage of the product, and how the product can improve the customer’s life.

At Deluxe Packaging, we have decades of experience creating functional, attractive packaging solutions for companies all over the globe. We streamline the packaging process, resulting in cost-effective rates and rapid turnaround times. Additionally, all our packaging is completely recyclable.

Package and Display Assembly

Product packaging involves assembly and physical packaging operations. At Deluxe Packaging, we offer a wide range of packaging and display solutions such as blister packaging, shrink packaging, POP displays, and more.

When assembling the packaging, it is important to handle the product very carefully and pay close attention to any additional items that will be included, such as instruction booklets. It is also important to place the product accurately into the packaging to ensure that it is both well-protected and visually appealing. The final step is product finishing, which involves sealing the packaging and including any desired external features. 

Package Distribution

Although some companies hire contract packaging organizations exclusively for packaging services, it is very common for the contractor to also distribute the products after packaging. This saves a significant amount of time and hassle, enabling the final product to reach its destination much more rapidly. Outsourcing the packaging to a trusted contractor also gives companies more freedom to focus on production.

At Deluxe Packaging, we provide our valued customers with rapid delivery and distribution. We can work with US Mail, UPS, and Air and Road Deliveries. There is no need to waste valuable space and resources storing inventory on your site—we will package it with great care and deliver it directly to its destination.

Deluxe Has All Your Contracting Needs Covered

Working with a contract packaging company makes it easy to place your products in functional, attractive packaging. At Deluxe Packaging, we can provide custom designs, assemble and fill your packaging, and distribute the final product to your desired location. Our capabilities include:

  • Pre-Packing
  • Blister Packing
  • Shrink Packaging
  • Pallet Packaging
  • Collating
  • Special Gluing
  • Point of Purchase Display Assembly
  • Shipment Programs (UPS, US Mail, Air and Road Deliveries)
  • And much more

Since 1982, Deluxe Packaging has been working closely with our customers to create cost-effective, attractive, and highly functional custom packaging solutions. Throughout our years of experience, we have become renowned for our industry expertise and expansive range of packaging options. Contact us or request more information today to begin working with us for all your contract packaging needs.